15 SAP Blogs you must read


Business Analytics Blog - very well designed and popular blog by Timo Elliott, an innovation evangelist, international conference speaker and a 22 year veteran of BusinessObjects.

SAP Company Blog - SAP Company global blog that covers key areas of SAP business, future trends, interviews and opinions of leading IT experts and many others.

SAP Consultant’s Career Blog by John Reed - very good source of information about careers in SAP by John Reed, SAP mentor and independent analyst

SAP TV Blog - SAP Company blog with many SAP topic video insights

SAP Basis Blog  – Learning blog for SAP basis professionals

SAP BI Blog - SAP Business Intelligence blog sponsored by Decision First Technologies. Very good source of information about BusinessObjects and everythink about Business Intelligence.

IBM and SAP Alliance Blog – The blog that is dedicated to providing insight and guidance to those interested in the partnership between IBM and SAP

Pixelbase - SAP blog by Michael Koch, SAP Solution Architect, Mentor and SAP Press Author

SAP Sales Effectiveness Blog - SAP company’s blog focused on the topics that are driving sales effectiveness today

Infosys SAP Blog - SAP Blog by Infosys company

SAP Blog by Mark Solutions

SAP HANA Blog by SAP Company – very informative source about SAP HANA, trends and news

ZEVOLVING – ABAP Help Blog - great blog with many tips @ tricks regarding ABAP Development

ABAP Development for Russian speakers

All Things BOBJ BI Blogvery good source of news and information about SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Business Intelligence, brought to you by Jonathan Haun and Decision First Technologies

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How to increase your chances in finding a new SAP contract job

  • Do a research in finding recruitment companies that specialize on SAP contract jobs, contact them and build a good relationship with their recruitment consultants
  • Build a relationship with your existing SAP contacts in order to get new project leads, ask your contacts to get introduced to decision makers at client-end companies or SAP consulting companies etc.
  • Cooperate with SAP consulting companies
  • Contact end-client companies you have worked before to find out if there will be any cooperation opportunity
  • Build and maintain a solid reputation on the market (end-clients, other SAP professionals, HR people, recruiters etc.)
  • Enlarge your network of SAP industry contacts in order to get new project leads, get introduced, recommended etc. (LinkedIn, Google+ groups etc.)
  • If you work in some niche SAP area get in touch with other people having such a specialization
  • Build your online presence on LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ etc. and keep it updated including your availability for next projects
  • Monitor job boards for new contracts
  • Get recommendation/reference letters from clients once you complete working on the project and include the letters to you application for a new project

Feel free to write below your comments, advices etc.

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Overview of SAP Modules

Overview of SAP Modules – List of SAP Modules

SAP APO – Advanced Planner Optimizer

SAP Basis – administration of SAP

SAP BPC – Business Planning and Consolidation

SAP BI – Business Intelligence

SAP BODI – Business Objects Data Integrator

SAP CO – Controlling

SAP CRM – Customer Relationship Management

SAP CS – Customer Service

SAP EC – Enterprise Controlling

SAP EHS – Environment, Health & Safety

SAP EP – Enterprise Portal

SAP EWM – Extended Warehouse Management

SAP FI – Financial Accounting

SAP FM – Fleet Management

SAP FSCM – Financial Supply Chain Management

SAP HR – Human Resources

SAP GRC – Group Risk Compliance

SAP IM – Investment Management

SAP LO – Logistics General

SAP MDM – Master Data Management

SAP MM – Materials Management

SAP Netweaver – provides technical foundation for SAP applications

SAP PI – SAP Process Integration

SAP PLM – Product Life Cycle Management

SAP PM – Plant Maintenance

SAP PP – Production Planning

SAP PS – Project Systems

SAP QM – Quality Management

SAP RE – Real Estate

SAP SCM – Supply Chain Management

SAP SD – Sales and Distribution

SAP Security – Security ensures security of enterprise operations

SAP SEM – Strategic Enterprise Management

SAP SM – Service Management

SAP Solution Manager – facilitates technical support for distributed systems

SAP TR – Treasury

SAP WM – Warehouse Management



SAP IS: Industry Solutions


- Aerospace & Defense for Air and military

- Automotive for Automobile manufacturing

- Banking for Financial Industries, Banking, and Market Risk Management

- Chemicals for Chemical

- Consumer Products for Consumer product

- Defense & Security for defense and security ]

- Engineering, Construction, and Operations for Construction and engineering

- Healthcare for hospitals and healthcare

- Higher Education & Research for Campus management.

- High Tech for high tech

- Industrial Machinery and Components for heavy machinery manufacturing

- Insurance for Insurance companies and Currency Markets

- Life Sciences for life sciences

- Media for Communication and Publishing

- Mill Products for mill product

- Mining for mining

- Oil & Gas for Oil and Gas

- Professional Services for professional services

- Pharma for Pharmaceutical

- Public Sector for Public Sector and Administration.

- Retail for Supermarkets and Retail

- Telecommunications for Telecommunication operators

- Transportation & Logistics for transportation and logistics

- Utilities for Utility

- Wholesale Distribution for wholesale distribution



SAP Submodules:



General Ledger Accounting – FI–GL

Special Ledger – FI–SL

Extended Ledger

Accounts Payable – FI-AP

Accounts Receivable – FI–AR

Asset Accounting – FI–AA

Bank Accounting

Funds Management – FI–FM

Travel Management – FI-TM





Cost Centre Accounting – CO–CCA

Overhead Cost Controlling – CO–OM

Activity Based Coding – CO–ABC

Product Cost Controlling – CO–PC

Profitability Analysis – CO–PA

Material Ledger – CO–ML





Cash Management – TR–CM

Loans Management – TR–LM

Market Risk Management – TR–MRM

Treasury Management – TR–TM

Funds Management – TR–FM





Investment Programs

Investment Measures

Corporation Wide Budgeting

Appropriation Requests

Automatic Settlement of Fixed Assets

Depreciation Forecast

Information System







Personnel Administration

Benefits Administration

Compensation Management

Personnel Development

Organizational Management

Travel Management

Training and Events Management

Personnel Planning

Time Management





Internet Scenarios

Information System



SAP SD Modules


Master Data


Sales Support

Sales Information System


Special Business Transactions



Credit Control



Foreign Trade

Electronic Data Interchange



SAP MM Modules



Invoice Verification

Logistics (General)

Logistics Information System

Inventory Management

Inventory / Valuations

Materials Planning


External Services Management


Warehouse Management



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Main advantages of being a SAP contractor versus employee

Main advantages of being a contractor:

  • Higher pay
  • Independence
  • Time flexibility
  • Tax deduction claims for expenses (office, car, laptop etc.)
  • Lower taxation
  • Flexibility to choose project/client

Main advantages of being an employee:

  • Job security
  • Benefits including heath care, life insurance, pension, paid vacation etc.
  • No need to search for new projects
  • Opportunities for a career growth within the organization

Full time employee and contractors are in many cases two totally different beasts. Contractors are more entrepreneurial and undergoing more risk with potential of higher pay, independence and flexibility.



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10 Interesting Facts About SAP

SAP customers manufactures more than 77,000 cars per day, produce more than 70% of the worlds beer and produce more than 65% of the worlds televisions

SAP AG’s first client was Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), a British company that is now a subsidiary of Dutch conglomerate AkzoNobel

SAP was founded in 1972 by five IBM engineers who acquired software from Big Blue in exchange for 8% of founding stock.

Today SAP AG is the largest software company in Europe and the fourth largest software company in the world (after Microsoft, IBM and Oracle)

By the early 1980s SAP had 50 of the largest 100 German companies as customers

SAP has now more than 183,000 customers in more than 130 countries with revenues of 14 billion EUR: 7 bn in EMEA, 3,7 bn in USA, 1,3 bn in rest of Americas and 2 bn Asia Pacific

SAP employs over 47,000 workers worldwide from which about 16,000 work in research and development

Shareholders structure is 55% institutional (banks, pension funds etc.), 27% insider, 18% retail investors

The name SAP origin is  ”Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing)

There is about 180.000 SAP Partner certificates worldwide

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What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance or in the cloud. It is a platform that is best suited for performing real-time analytics and developing and deploying real-time applications.

HANA takes advantage of the low cost of main memory (RAM), data processing abilities of multi-core processors and the fast data access of solid-state drives relative to traditional hard drives to deliver better performance of analytical and transactional applications.

• Analyse massive amounts of data up to 3600 times faster
• Get instant, easy access to your data held in main memory
• Execute rapid parallel processing and calculations on the fly
• Replicate data from your business systems with near-zero latency
• Lower costs and boost flexibility with a simplified IT landscape
• Instantly predict market trends and customer needs
• Predict how market price volatility will impact your production plans
• See changes in demand or supply across your entire Supply Chain immediately
• Monitor and analyse all deviations and quality issues in your production process
• Provide exactly the right offers and service levels to every customer
• Have a continuously-updated window onto future sales, showing changes in real time
• Understand what your customers and potential customers are saying about you, right now
• Predict cash flows to manage collections, risk and short-term borrowing in real time

There are 4 components oh SAP HANA software:

• SAP HANA DB – refers to database
• SAP HANA Studio – suite of tools for modeling.
• SAP HANA Appliance – Certified Hardware and also includes the modeling tools from HANA Studio as well replication and data transformation tools.
• SAP HANA Application Cloud – for cloud based infrastructure for delivery of applications.

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How to find that first SAP job?

There are many ways how people can get their first SAP job. We would like to suggest a few tips how to get into the SAP business:

  • Get relevant qualifications and experience such as a degree in information technology or business management and relevant IT experience (programming, analysis, IT support etc.)
  • Do a research in your geographical location what SAP jobs are available right now. You can search for jobs on jobs boards, websites of SAP consultancies or companies with internal SAP staff, LinkedIn, Xing etc.
  • Try to get a non-SAP position in a IT department of a company that uses SAP and try to get involved in SAP projects or get at least some SAP key user experience that you can build on
  • Get a non-SAP experience in other ERP systems etc.
  • Find somebody working in the SAP area in your network and try to get some insights from the SAP business, companies that might be opening entry-level SAP jobs, get new SAP contacts you can continue to network etc.
  • Attend SAP community conferences, networking events etc.
  • Study SAP related materials so you build your SAP area knowledge

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